View from the social coal face


My Twitter stream is full of amazing social media and #socbiz related thinking. I follow the ‘experts’ and have in the past felt like I’m stumbling along in the dark, getting things wrong, or getting left behind. Maybe it really is rocket science…?

Some share articles I would find if I had the time. They cut through the mass of information and they serve up their view on what makes a business social. They’re the theoreticians – a lot of useful stuff, but not always very practical.

And then there’s others more like me. Some beating a strong path that I sit back and admire, others who constantly retweet the two user types above, but who aren’t necessarily sharing their own insight on a regular basis.

For the longest time, I worried about all of this. I was mindful that others were further down the road to being where I wanted to be, where I wanted Grant Thornton to be. It’s been dawning on me for a while now that very little of that matters and so I’ve decided the thrust of this blog will be about the real world issues working with social media in a major organisation.

There’ll be other stuff of course. Why would I want to bore myself to death? But if you want to hear about real implementation issues rather than theoretical ones, I hope you find something useful here.


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