On the eve of London 2012, we’re going global

Olympic fever is breaking out across London; look carefully and you’ll see the evidence across the sweaty, furrowed brows of many a Londoner over the next couple of weeks.

We’ve moved away (the kids made us do it) but I still feel like a Londoner and am not sure what to think about the hype. I’m excited of course, I think it’s an amazing event to be hosting. I even have tickets…to the 100m final would you believe?

I think it’s the supposed desertion of London by Londoners that I’m unsure about. Months of being told to not travel, work from home; it brings to mind a certain Smiths song. It’s less ‘London Calling’ and more ‘Run To The Hills’.

Anyway. I’m braving it later today for a global call, which I’m chairing, hosting people from across Grant Thornton’s International member firms. It’s for members of a social media group I’ve been involved with to present to our Global Knowledge Management (KM) committee and any interested parties who want to join in. We’re looking at some of the fantastic social media activity across our member firms. The US, Mexico and South Africa are presenting and I’m then leading a debate on what our brand means for our use of social media and vice versa. More on that another time.

I think it’s harder and harder to talk about KM without talking about social media first. In my experience so far, the traditional KM people have been sceptical to the point of dismissal, but have gradually come on side, caught up and are now keener than ever to get involved. It’s the reason I was asked to set up the social media group in the first place.

Our business, like others, can seem chock full of initiatives and things to think about. How do others cope with the melding of social media, KM, Market Intelligence, brand and avoid stressing their employees to breaking point I wonder? What’s the umbrella you gather these initiatives under so that everyone understands?

I don’t have all the answers yet, but my feeling is that everyone will find a different way in. For some, social media will be the entry point. Others may be more traditional. But it won’t be long before we all realise that it’s all the same stuff. It all adds value. It all points towards a better way of just getting on with business and not worrying about the nomenclature.

And if you’ve not seen this clip from Twenty Twelve, you’ll see what all the jargon can lead to!


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