Doesn’t everyone have an inner soundtrack?


You’ve seen it right? Jesus Quintana dancing up to bowl. Los Lobos covering Hotel California in the background. He struts, he preens but you know he means business.

Well I’m never without my iPod and I’m sure like me, most of you have felt an extra spring in the step when THAT song comes on and your natural gait becomes more of a strut. No? Just me? When that song doesn’t end and you’re into the lift, onto your floor, walking to your desk thinking, “if they could only hear what I hear!”… No? Still just me?

I listen to music a lot. When I’m walking, resting, in bed, working…my headphones are never far away. Sometimes I don’t even have my headphones on. I just hear it in my head and still get that same spring.

Music is so mood altering that I’ve noticed it affects my productivity and style. I’m thinking of starting every email, every presentation by including soundtrack info right at the beginning. On the title slide – “This presentation was brought to you by Paul Thomas and Tom Waits.” It would at least explain the lack of flow!

So what’s your inner soundtrack? What’s the song or band that helps you to do your best work or start your day on the right (dancing) foot?

(And if you’re wondering, this slightly springy blog post was brought to you by Supergrass, I Should Coco. And like the last track on that album, it’s Time To Go.


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