I’ve been struggling to come up with a blog post that neatly sums up my experience of the Olympics so far and how social media, in particular Twitter, has enhanced my time in front of the TV. (I’m going today so the armchair guilt factor will be significantly reduced)

A post by Euan Semple this morning, ‘The Olympics – building culture one tweet at a time’ sums it up quite nicely so I’m going to defer to Euan and wait until inspiration hits me before I blog again.

I will say that for me and my role at Grant Thornton, the timing couldn’t be better. We have a wave of cautious adopters, taking to the social media world for what may be the first time, (or at least the first time in earnest) and an internal culture that supports them doing so.

The Olympics and the way that the athletes, spectators and commentators are all coming together on Twitter, is more than a public validation of channels which are, in some way, still a minority sport. They are the validation of community and the sense that anything can be achieved if we all come together with a common purpose.

Enjoy the rest of the Games.


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