Social media and a good pair of shoes


I was asked last week what my advice would be to anyone just starting down the social media road in an organisation like Grant Thornton and my answer was “buy yourself a good pair of shoes.”

Why? Because you won’t get far without hundreds of conversations all over the business and that takes a lot of shoe leather.

Today for example looked like this;

A discussion with Jive about taking our pilot to the next level, a discussion with a colleague about shared ideas, a meeting with a board member about our investment in social media and the idea that she should set up a blog, a catch up with my boss about that meeting, a meeting with our LinkedIn advisor on strategy and direction, a partner and her team joining us to discuss the great progress they’ve made with their LinkedIn VAT group and ramping this up, a meeting with a Director and a marketing colleague about Twitter, LinkedIn and all the above.

I was at my desk for about an hour.

And, I’ll say it quietly, but I’m beginning to think that all that chat is starting to pay off.

A recurring theme was that all of the people I spoke with had seen the impact first hand of what someone else in the firm was doing with social media and either wanted a piece of the action, or wanted to understand what they could achieve by getting involved themselves.

Tomorrow the day looks much the same. Friday I’ll catch up on missed emails, catch up with myself and on promises I’ve made along the way.

So back to that advice and I’d like to know what others big advice would be.

You can write reams and reams on theory and strategy, spend days on presentations and slides, but what you can achieve by a simple conversation is more instant, more gratifying. Each of these conversations today got us a little bit closer to where we want to be.

Now, until tomorrow, time to put my feet up.


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