“Don’t want to Tweet, don’t want to be a twit.”

The last two days have been split between Grant Thornton’s Leeds and Sheffield offices talking social media, in particular about better use of LinkedIn and Twitter.

And yes, it’s true. Yorkshire really does take credit for the success of Team GB – it was mentioned more than once! 😉

The biggest takeaway from both days was the number of people who claimed to have no interest in social media, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter, (although to be fair, Facebook gets the hardest bashing everywhere I go, yet we still slavishly stick with it) but who turned up for a session to learn all about it. I think we converted a few, but some stalwarts still left resolute.

It genuinely surprised me though. No pressure, no coercion, “it’s not for me but I realise I need to understand it.”

Given we know that there are the early adopters and the stalwart naysayers, is this new breed pointing towards the ‘tipping point’? Is it the stampeding hooves of inevitability that drove them to involving themselves, or curiosity and a growing sense of missing out?

I’m not sure, but from me they got a “well you’re here and that’s enough.” And it is. It truly is.


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