It’s my diary and I’ll decline if I want to!

“Paul, you declined the meeting but I can see half an hour in your diary.”

The gist of the message I got yesterday. A black and white interpretation of my day which I have to say, threw me a bit.

Travel between offices, breathing time, lunch, admin time; all things that until yesterday I didn’t think I needed to mark on my calendar.

It led to me justifying why I couldn’t make a 30 minute call.

Presence indicators, out of office replies, voice mail messages, radioactive isotopes?

How do you deal with the rocks if you’re not helped in taking care of the sand?


Enjoying the interwebs

I spend so much of my time showing people how to use and get value from technology and the web, that making time to enjoy it is difficult.

So given I have a day off and the boys are contained, I’m playing with two of my favourite things.

Vimeo, which starts off with a search and hoovers time like you wouldn’t believe. From music videos, to short films, to animation, to nature, it really is the YouTube antidote and long may it continue to be so.

Also, NPR. Having been introduced to the NPR podcast archive about 8 years ago, I’ve never looked back. From All Songs Considered, to All Things Considered and NPR Books, TED, Pop Culture etc…..there is something here for everyone. And the further you delve, the greater the rewards. Years of archived concerts, desk concerts and sessions. Hours upon hours of great discussion and album first listens; it’s all here.

Get the NPR Music app, visit the website but spend some time here and you’ll find a friend.

Anyway…I’m wasting that valuable time. More possibly non music related updates soon.

Paul out.