What’s in a name?


I’ll be picking up a name badge this morning as I attend an event in London. It will have Paul Thomas – Senior Manager, Digital Communications and Social Media typed on it.


There are two sides to this post:

1) I need a new, shorter job title which doesn’t lead to confusion – my own usually.
2) Digital. Really?

To do my job, which spans Internal Communication, PR, Marketing and often grumpiness, I need something that says what I do on the tin.

I also have a problem with digital and social media.

Social media either excites people or leaves them running for cover. Those who run, will run even further when they see someone who has social media as a ‘thing to do’ in their job title gunning for them.

Digital. Well isn’t everything nowadays? Does it mean I don’t do analogue?

I think there’s a place for ‘online’ in here somewhere, maybe even a ‘web’. Perhaps I could just sneak up on people without a badge to announce me. A Minister Without Portfolio if you like.

What’s clear is that people doing jobs like mine are getting much more visibility within organisations and in a world that loves a monicker, a title isn’t as important as people understanding what you can do for them. This is far reaching, taking in BD, recruitment, etc etc. Digital and Social just don’t cut it and lead to misconception about what I can do for people within Grant Thornton.

Whether we like it or not, our label is our bat signal and either helps or hinders the conversation we’re about to have. So for the time being I’m going with Senior Manager, but less of the ‘old’ please.

Is ‘digital’ useful anymore?

Update: Et voila!



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