Eight behaviours for a modern digital comms team

Very useful and pertinent to a conversation I had yesterday. Thought it well worth posting here.

Clear message

There’s plenty out there about the skills and functions that a digital comms team need to have. I’ve learnt, somewhat painfully, that the behaviours and mindset are probably more important.

If I could turn the clock back a few years, here’s the behaviours I would encourage from day one. They’re in no particular order.


Focus on audiences, content and using the tools and platforms they prefer. Try and identify examples of where your colleagues and their audiences are already using digital, rather than blind people with jargon and process.

Identify the Hey Martha!

Journalists on the Sunday Times used to (and may still) refer to ‘Hey Martha!’: a nugget of random, but interesting information that would cause the reader to exclaim ‘Hey Martha, listen to this!”. I love this moment in a digital communications team. Hidden pieces of great work that the originator thought were simply routine. Sometimes these…

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