Social business – rinse and repeat


I’m off to Leeds this morning for a workshop. A new partner in charge, a new impetus. I’ve been here before – the slides have changed*, the story? Well that’s largely the same.

We’re supporting people to find their voice on on social media because for a firm like Grant Thornton, having lots of our people talking about the work that they do and the things that they’re passionate about seems like a very good idea.

And if I’ve passed on the message before, I’ll pass it on again because despite what some consultants would have you believe, we’re not past this yet. The shift in people’s attitude to social media and its place in their working lives hasn’t been made yet. Yes it’s good to have a supportive CEO and a senior team that gets it, but it’s days like to today, on the ground, seeing the whites of people’s eyes as they think “I can do that”, that will really make this shift happen.

Because for all the machinations of social business and it’s associated trappings (the platforms, the gurus, the platforms) it really is all about you, the work that you do and how you do it. It’s not a story I can show you on a bunch of slides, it’s a story you have to write for yourself.

*Actually, I’ve upgraded. Where we’re going we don’t need slides


Socially Savvy Internal Communications: If you can’t convince your own workforce, who can you convince?

Really good post and a checklist of things to remember.
Good points. Now…there are one or two I should be getting onto!



How do you perceive the use of social media within your workplace?

social media + employees (in the workplace²) = risk


social media + employees (in the workplace²) = opportunity

Regardless of your personal view on social media, the reality is your workforce are using social media as part of their working day. If you are socially silent, your workforce is using social media without you and about you.

Internal and external social interactions are constantly  happening in your workplace. The question you need to consider is:

Are these socially based transactions benefiting your enterprise, competing with it or worse still – opposing it?

Sticking your head in the social-sand isn’t an option. CEO of The Social Executive Dionne Lew explains:

Right now, there are more devices connected to the web than people on earth. Eight new users come online every second – 91% of whom are using…

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