It’s our party and you’re not invited!

Spurred on* by the success of our project to bring an ESN (Enterprise Social Network) to our people in Grant Thornton UK LLP, our Grant Thornton International colleagues have launched a global event to bring collaboration to our 30,000 plus people worldwide over three days.

Our people have been encouraged to talk about this on their social networks which led to a number of tweets from all over the world yesterday and undoubtedly today too.

Nice to see?

Well yes, if you work for Grant Thornton it’s great to see the engagement it’s driving across the firm.

And if you don’t work for Grant Thornton?

An interesting question from a UK journalist asked, “Can we come in?” The answer? Er, no. Sorry.

So my question. Whilst internal communications beyond the firewall undoubtedly has its moments, is it good practice to talk about internal events with little context out on platforms like Twitter? Does it appear like we’re hosting a party you’re not invited to, or does the value of our employees growing internal networks outside of the firewall outweigh the perceived lack of value for our wider audience? Should internal comms stay internal?

My view: I have talked to many internal people who use Twitter as a barometer for internal comms. They have little time for the intranet or our ESN unless they have a purpose to be there, which is another blog subject. However, a quick check of Twitter and they feel connected. So whilst we won’t overdo it, a bit of contextual internal communication on Twitter has value to our employees. And for everyone else? Please bear with us. It’s our party and we’ll tweet if we want to.

* spurred on or inspired, imitation, down to the name, IS the sincerest form of flattery!