CEO? Free social media coaching?

Social media consultants can only have a short lifespan, right? I mean, it’s been a good few years…but there can’t be too many people left out there who need the obvious pointed out to them…can there?

On the contrary, it seems to me that demand is at an all time high. For all the over-intellectualising of the subject, there is still a massive amount of “this is a tweet and this is what a hashtag is” needed at every level of the organisations we work for. In the last week alone I’ve seen some quite dry meetings brought to life when someone raises the subject of social media and why they think it’s important to them or their business. I’ve also faced questions about the business value of Twitter despite showing examples of high powered people having all manner of business conversations in 140 characters. 

Love or hate social media, it’s part of the landscape. Buy into it or not; being able to argue for or against it is rapidly becoming essential at networking events, meetings and in the boardroom. And that’s before you’ve even got close to discussions about ‘digital’ or  the #futureofwork.

Having done this within the organisation I work for, I’m now exploring what I can do for our clients which is not a huge sell to be honest. A conversation about our approach usually sparks interest, it’s what we follow that conversation up with that counts. 

So if this blog post reaches the eyes or ears of any of our client’s CEOs out there, I’ll offer up to half a day of free social media coaching* for you and your board. My only stipulation is that you, the CEO must be present. Your business strategy starts with you, so too must social media strategy if it’s going to stick. 

Over to you. 

 *First five (5) respondents. 


One thought on “CEO? Free social media coaching?

  1. Hi Paul, totally agree. Those of us who are savvy about social networking tend to think people in our organisations who don’t partake do it for a carefully considered reason. What I often find are people who are pretty intimidated by social media and choose not to partake out of fear of doing something wrong or just plain ‘not knowing’.

    I spent a couple of hours this morning with a team going through the pros and cons of social media (in this case Twitter). Everyone agreed they wanted to do it, just hadn’t a clue where to start.

    I think coaching is vital, even one to one coaching, is massive. Plus it’s all interconnected, you get a person into Twitter they then are likely to ‘get’ your internal social network and vice versa. Good luck and hope you get lots of sign ups!

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