Hello (darkness) my old friends (sic)

Once again this morning I was confronted by two old friends in a meeting about social media for communication.

Round of applause please for ‘lack of time’ and ‘nothing to say’.

OK, end applause.

If you can argue that everything you do to communicate with your clients, peers and teams is 100% effective, then please, carry on and we’ll move on to someone less effective who wants our help.

If, however, you see room for improvement or the teams you manage have forgotten what you look like, then take heed.

It may be time to think about what ineffective uses of your time you could put aside for something more effective. Open yourself to the possibility that a blog post or a status update isn’t actually a waste of your time and may lead to something unexpected.

And if you have nothing to say then perhaps use the time to listen to what others are saying and contributing. I guarantee there are conversations out there where you could listen and learn or contribute and add value.

I’m banning my two old friends from darkening my meetings ever again! Until the next time…


Spilling the beans – lessons from social media recruitment


Tomorrow morning I’m attending the latest Social Media Leadership Forum event in Moorgate to talk about social media recruitment at Grant Thornton.

3 years ago our trainee team gave over ownership of the entire recruitment programme to our trainees. The remit? If anyone knew what students wanted from businesses then these guys would.

A few months later (and not wanting to steal Richard Waite and Astrid Brown’s fire tomorrow) and the trainee blog ‘Spilling the beans’ was created which along with a Facebook page and several individual Twitter accounts, has been the foundation of Grant Thornton’s award winning recruitment ever since.

There have been great successes over the years and the team, which constantly changes with new graduate intakes, have become an example to the rest of our business in how they engage across different social media channels.

We used to look at what they were doing and say, well you’d expect that of graduates…wouldn’t you? But now we hold them up as a bold example of how to use social channels openly to have conversations and stimulate debate that gives a unique view into their world and the work they are doing at the firm.

We’re now seeing people in client facing and support roles talking about the firm, its brand and their own expertise through social media channels and as a firm, are creating an openness not usually associated with accountants and auditors.

As the trainees learn about our business, so others learn important lessons from them.

We may not spill every bean from behind the scenes at our firm, but we’ve embraced social media as a way to show our personality, our knowledge and the fact that now is a really good time to be working with us.