Dusting off old arguments

There’s an entire industry growing up out the organisation’s fear of social media, but it really needn’t be the ‘complicated’ discussion that nobody wants to have. The first thing we need to do as consultants and communicators is to ensure that any discussion about social media is placed squarely in the context of ALL communications.

Whether it’s phone, email or just an old fashioned chinwag, to hold social media apart from other methods of communication, is a huge mistake. By making it something that your people approach differently, you’re creating the first opportunity for them to fail at it.

Yes the rules are different, it’s fast moving and it affords people who will say silly things the opportunity to say more silly things, publicly. So help them. Help them see how and where social media can fit in with and benefit the way they work.

After all, we’ve been here before with email and look how good we are at that. emailcharter.org


Email grump

I really like my job. Sometimes I love it. But holidays I like more. Well, don’t we all if we’re honest? And nothing brings you back down from a holiday like an inbox full of stuff that really didn’t matter at all last week.

Solutions? Delete the lot, prioritise, or run through everything day one and respond in a friendly manner?

Well yesterday I did the latter. Today I do the good bits of what I’m paid for.