The Internet giveth and the Internet taketh away.

What have you lost as a direct result of the Internet? What have you gained?

I partly funded my way through University by working in Virgin Megastores and Our Price Records, both now defunct, sadly missed, killed, at least in part, by the rise of digital music propagated by the Internet.

Our Price Records
There are several mid to late nineties albums I can claim a small amount of responsibility for pushing sales of, Mercury Rev’s Deserter’s Songs being one in particular that I played and played in Fleet Our Price. The hit rate was impressive – passers-by, sucked into the shop by the sounds of the musical saw in Holes, would walk up, ask what was playing and leave with a copy.

Ah those halcyon days!

And now I find myself leading Social Business at Grant Thornton, a role, at least in part, made possible by the Internet and peoples’ constant struggles to get to grips with it. I now help people to explore social selling – not records this time, but their professional selves and expertise…often without help from a musical saw.

So, lost – my perfect job and most of the world’s record shops, though those that remain are all the more special for their scarcity. Gained – another job, another industry and still trying to sell music to people every day through my Twitter account!

So, what have you lost as a direct result of the Internet? What have you gained?

(This post brought to you in association with a long train journey and Dirty Projectors’ Swing Lo Magellan on my headphones. Available to watch by the power of the Internet here or to buy from your favourite local record shop here.) 


Enjoying the interwebs

I spend so much of my time showing people how to use and get value from technology and the web, that making time to enjoy it is difficult.

So given I have a day off and the boys are contained, I’m playing with two of my favourite things.

Vimeo, which starts off with a search and hoovers time like you wouldn’t believe. From music videos, to short films, to animation, to nature, it really is the YouTube antidote and long may it continue to be so.

Also, NPR. Having been introduced to the NPR podcast archive about 8 years ago, I’ve never looked back. From All Songs Considered, to All Things Considered and NPR Books, TED, Pop Culture etc…..there is something here for everyone. And the further you delve, the greater the rewards. Years of archived concerts, desk concerts and sessions. Hours upon hours of great discussion and album first listens; it’s all here.

Get the NPR Music app, visit the website but spend some time here and you’ll find a friend.

Anyway…I’m wasting that valuable time. More possibly non music related updates soon.

Paul out.