Hello (darkness) my old friends (sic)

Once again this morning I was confronted by two old friends in a meeting about social media for communication.

Round of applause please for ‘lack of time’ and ‘nothing to say’.

OK, end applause.

If you can argue that everything you do to communicate with your clients, peers and teams is 100% effective, then please, carry on and we’ll move on to someone less effective who wants our help.

If, however, you see room for improvement or the teams you manage have forgotten what you look like, then take heed.

It may be time to think about what ineffective uses of your time you could put aside for something more effective. Open yourself to the possibility that a blog post or a status update isn’t actually a waste of your time and may lead to something unexpected.

And if you have nothing to say then perhaps use the time to listen to what others are saying and contributing. I guarantee there are conversations out there where you could listen and learn or contribute and add value.

I’m banning my two old friends from darkening my meetings ever again! Until the next time…


It’s my diary and I’ll decline if I want to!

“Paul, you declined the meeting but I can see half an hour in your diary.”

The gist of the message I got yesterday. A black and white interpretation of my day which I have to say, threw me a bit.

Travel between offices, breathing time, lunch, admin time; all things that until yesterday I didn’t think I needed to mark on my calendar.

It led to me justifying why I couldn’t make a 30 minute call.

Presence indicators, out of office replies, voice mail messages, radioactive isotopes?

How do you deal with the rocks if you’re not helped in taking care of the sand?