Putting my neck on the line


I’m not the world’s most organised person. Being a father of two, holding down a full time job, maintaining my interests, finding downtime – all these things contribute to a life that can sometimes feel a little too full. It can sometimes feel like the world is moving at great pace and all you want to do is get off for a while

So how do you ensure that you’re consistently at your best for your family, colleagues and friends? Easy, you slip a disc in your neck!

Clearly I’m not suggesting this as a preferred way of achieving the perfect work/life balance, but for me it has fundamentally changed the way I’ve done things for near on 3 months.

1st change – laptop stays home. Can’t/shouldn’t carry it so don’t.

2nd change – bunch my meetings together and work from home when not in meetings.

3rd change – keep moving. Sitting, standing, desk working all take their toll. As soon as I feel that familiar ache and the pins and needles hit, it’s up and off. Laps of my floor, out for a coffee, a desk side chat or now the weather’s changed, a stretch on the grass outslde Euston.

Again, I’m not suggesting universal laptop mutiny, but simply that each and everyone of us thinks about the amount of time spent static or welded to our inboxes, hunched over tiny screens, lunches at desks….we all recognise at least one of these, no?

You could also argue that it’s fine for me. My role is all about the use of digital communication and social media. Surely I can afford to do things a little differently?

Baby steps people! Just offering to do the tea round may be enough? Running to the shops. Whatever…don’t wait until your neck snaps before you take up my advice.

On the basis of this BBC article, (Office workers, bankers, IT experts and couch potatoes beware. Doctors are warning sitting down for too long can shorten lives. So how can the chair be countered?) I’m suggesting Grant Thornton buys a funky coffee machine, I train as a Barista and turn out coffees for Euston House between 9 and 10.30 each morning. I’ll be on my feet, colleagues will be on their feet and you can be sure that by 10.30 each day I’d have all the water cooler gossip and conversation. I’d feel the pulse of Grant Thornton House!

Surely that’s the essence of social communication and what we’re trying to achieve? 😉